Vantage POB Key Facts

Vantage POB is the Industry standard personnel tracking system for the oil and gas industry in the UKCS , Europe and in some other overseas locations.

Vantage POB was designed for the North Sea - by Oil and Gas operators - to address key HSE, operational and logistical issues involved in transporting and accommodating personnel working in offshore locations.

Following the Piper Alpha disaster and subsequent Lord Cullen recommendations, computerised personnel tracking systems were developed for the oil & gas industry. In 1998, an industry project was initiated to facilitate sharing of information between these many disparate systems. The success of this initial project led a team of 14 oil & gas companies and industry experts to establish the Vantage POB shared solution for the safe management of oil & gas facilities.

Expertly leading the way in Vantage POB Training & Coaching since 2003, RCL were part of the initial project team and wrote the Training Needs Analysis for the Industry.

Vantage POB tracks 18,000 personnel working offshore across 250+ installations with 4500 users in the UKCS alone with 99.98% availability and 100% reliability.

Industry Standard in Europe

Vantage POB is today the industry standard in the UKCS, and is considered by the UK Oil & Gas industry as critical to the safe and efficient management of offshore facilities.

Key Facts

  • Industry standard in the UKCS
  • Jointly developed by 14 oil & gas companies
  • Tracks 18,000 personnel across 250+ installations in the UKCS
  • Considered as critical to safety in UKCS
  • Used by 45 companies globally
  • Operational since 2003 with 100% reliability

2015 Training Audit Results

These results were published in March 2015. Read the report here.

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